Nearly New School Uniform

To see the Nearly New Uniform Sale dates for Senior, Prep and Pre-prep please click on the word attachment below

For Sellers


The NNU shop is a service provided by the PA and run by volunteers. Please follow these guidelines to help us help you:

All items
• Items must be laundered and in good saleable condition, complete with all buttons – consider whether you would buy it yourself. We reserve the right to recycle items in poor condition, no longer current uniform, etc
• Only current School Uniform available from the Uniform Shop will be accepted
• Second hand items will be sold at a maximum of half the School Shop price less 30% which will go to PA funds
• Annual payouts for amounts of £10 or over will be after the last sale of the summer term. Amounts of less than £10 will be carried forward
• Sale items can be left at School Reception clearly marked “Nearly New Uniform”

To receive payment (70% of sale price) please:

• Label every item with the following: *child’s name, *cheque payable to, *full postal address, telephone number, *item description and size. Example labels are on the PA page of the School website. Please secure using SAFETY PINS

If clothing or shoes are incorrectly, partially or not labelled, no payment can be made and all proceeds will go to the PA.

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation.

On behalf of the PA

* Necessary information

For Buyers

Regular sales of uniform are held, and will be advertised within school and on this website in the ‘Events’ section, as well as documents you can access via this page (see attachments below). If you have any enquiries please contact us.