A message from the Chair of the CSPA

Dear Parents and Guardians
On behalf of Caterham School Parents’ Association I would like to welcome you back to the new school year.
We are very lucky to have such a strong Parents’ Association within the school which not only raises money for charity but helps to provide for extras to benefit all pupils from Nursery to the Sixth form and creates a very strong feeling of community between parents, staff and pupils. However, none of this could be achieved without all the help given by parents who volunteer to be either a member of the PA or a form rep or who give up their time to help and support events.
2011-2012 was a very busy year in the school as we celebrated Caterham Schools Bicentennial and we have many events lined up for this forthcoming year, starting on September 29th with a comedy night. We are always looking for fresh ideas and with this in mind, I am sending out a plea to all parents for your help. If you can spare just a little of your time to either join the main PA committee, become a form rep or even offer your help on one of our smaller sub committees then we would be delighted to hear from you. The role can be as big or small as you feel able.
If you would like more information or would like to offer your help then please do get in touch with me on my email address below.
We are hoping to again produce a School Directory later this year but I must stress that your details will only appear in this if you have completed and returned your new data form which was sent out to you by the school allowing the school to release your information to the PA for inclusion in the Directory. If you are in any doubt then please contact Allyson Aranha who maintains the school database holding your details.(Allyson.aranha@caterhamschool.co.uk) The Directory also contains an “Ads” section in which parents and friends can advertise. Our Directory is distributed to all the families in Pre Prep, Prep and Senior schools, reaching over 800 plus Caterham families and if you would like
details on how to advertise within the Directory then please contact Maureen Gibbins on mbgibbins@aol.com
Finally, we value all the support that we receive from pupils and parents and here are some dates for your diaries of forthcoming PA events:
Comedy Night – September 29th
Welcome Supper- October 12th
PA AGM – November 7th
Fireworks Night – November 10th
Christmas Dinner Dance – November 24th
Prep School Christmas Fair – December 1st
Kind Regards
Liz Mason
Chair – Caterham School Parents’ Association

Which Charity should we support in 2013?

Dear Parents, Guardians and Pupils
In November 2012 we end our two year sponsorship of The Childrens Trust in Tadworth and the time has come to start looking for another charity that we can sponsor.
In the past few years we have sponsored The Rutherford School, The Diamond Riding School for the Disabled, COPG, The Lisa Thaxter Trust and the Orpheus Trust and we welcome suggestions for our next charity venture. Ideally it should be a local charity and all proposals will be put to the Parents’ Association committee to make the final decision.
If you would like to nominate a charity that we can support then please can you complete the form to send a brief synopsis to me.
Many thanks
Liz Mason
Chair of Caterham School Parents’ Association